Hello World!!!

Well I had my second chemotherapy treatment yesterday. It wasn’t bad. There are two other women there that have chemo the same day and time that I do. I usually sit with them and listen to them compare notes about treatment, surgery (bi-lateral or double mastectomy), kids, family, etc. They have their husbands with them  at each treatment. I wish my husband could come. It’s so nice to have that support. My dad has offered to go with me. There are several people that have volunteered to come and sit with me and I politely decline. I drive myself there and home. That being said, the one person I want there can’t be there. He has to work and I get that. However, there is something very powerful, very reassuring about having the man you’ve pledged your life to before God being there. I want him there with me. Being my support system. My rock while they are pumping my body full of poison. It’s unrealistic. We don’t work we don’t eat. It’s just when I see them pulling out their food, picnic baskets full of fresh fruit, healthy drinks I get nostalgic and a little jealous. One of the women got cramps in her leg and her husband quickly massaged her legs and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. It was very very sweet. I guess if I got cramps one of the nurses would help me. Lol! Yesterday I met an incredible woman while I was taking treatment. She was from Italy. I told her I had been there and told her what cities I visited. She told me they were the basic tourist towns. Rome, Florence and Venice. She has ovarian cancer. It’s obviously not as prevalent as breast cancer. In fact, she told me she knew no one with ovarian cancer. I asked her a little about her experience and she told me she is in constant pain. Her stomach was very bloated. Almost like she was pregnant. She kept moving around because she could not get comfortable. I felt terrible for her. The nurses were trying to get and keep her as comfortable as possible. It was almost as if she has lost hope. That is one of my biggest fears. Losing hope. I hope I never get to that point. Sometimes aside from God it’s all we have to keep going in this cruel and sin filled world. OAN: My in-laws are in town. I love them to pieces and am very glad they are here. They always brighten up my day and my spirits. Well, I cleaned my house from top to bottom to get ready for their visit (they’re staying with us) and I am a bit tired. Don’t worry. I’m in bed and resting. Like an 80 year old woman! 🙂 Till next time. Kiss and hug your loved ones. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them. You never know if the last words you say to them will be the last words they hear from you forever! Bye!


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